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Picture the scene: you’re a wedding guest, you’re chilling out at your table, the speeches are done and you’re full from a delicious meal. It’s been a lovely, civilised do and you’re starting to feel ready to let your hair down in preparation for a Here Comes the Hotstepper dance off. Then, what’s this? The bride and groom have generously allowed an hour and a half of ‘downtime’ before the party kicks off with the first dance! Oh well, off you go to check into your room or sit with auntie Jane for a coffee. #weddingvibekiller. Well, now there’s a new way to fill this gap....the pre-party!

We provided lovely couple Zoe and Sean with the perfect soundtrack to that post-meal lull and kick started the evening’s celebrations in style. Here’s how it went:

On first read of Zoe’s enquiry email, we knew this wedding sounded a bit different. The usual spot for the Sax and DJ set is either straight after the first dance, late in the evening or following on from the band or DJ set after food. Ibiza fans Zoe and Sean wanted a short set of ‘Chilled Ibiza style - outside, weather dependent with a sax and DJ before the band’. The idea was that this chill-out music would accompany the drinks whilst the room was being changed around. Lovely idea!

Zoe and Sean had everything planned months in advance for their wedding at Priory Cottages, Wetherby, but decided on the Sax and DJ sets as a last minute addition, bridging the gap between the meal and the party. It did allow for checking into rooms and those who fancied that cuppa with Jane could do so. It also meant that those who wanted to ramp it up a notch started getting involved and soon enough Zoe’s tribe were gathered around the DJ booth wielding shots and their best moves. The second hour of their ‘wedding ‘pre party’ became somewhat of a hen do takeover with requests that helped them relive the hen weekend.

What started out as a chilled Ibiza vibe ended up as a full on garden rave! So there you go. The guests were hyped and ready for the evening party and as the sun set to the sound of Ninetoes Finder and they all headed back inside for the first dance. Well done Zoe and Sean on creating an absolute dream of a wedding party!

Here are some other ‘pre party ideas’ we’ve been to over the years and how to deal with that awkward time post wedding breakfast:

  • The civilised pre party with Pimms and garden games

  • Live music pre party think singer/guitar vibes

  • Aperol hour pre party drinks on a terrace

  • The disappearing act where everyone heads off for a nap (not recommended)

  • Actual pre party the night before the wedding to get everyone together

  • The Ready for round 2 coffee pre party (very popular)

  • The Sing Along pre party. YES

Fortunately for you we are experienced in managing this downtime and making something fun out of it. Some Married to the Music pre party options perfect for outdoor cocktails include:

  • Indie style classics from the likes of Coldplay, Lumineers and Oasis

  • Roaming Brass Band pre party covers including Beyonce, Pointer Sisters and Bieber

  • Piano bar style sing along pre party (our current fave)

  • Sax and Trax or Sax and DJ chillout sets

All of these provide the perfect setting for some coffees, cocktails, garden games and chats.

Visit our website or Instagram to get started on your wedding pre-party!

Finally please check out this cool Yorkshire venue and amazing photographer from Zoe and Sean's Ibiza themed wedding do:

Martin Hillary photography


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