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How to Book Wedding Music Easily

The answer of course, is to book with Married to the Music! Why? Read on...

1 We always suggest the perfect fit for your day 

LOGISTICS! Factors such as your venue size, guest’s average age and ceremony time will impact your choice of wedding entertainment. We will help you to consider all these factors, work with your venue and help to plan so that you get the best day ever. 

Recently we helped a couple who had two separate venues; one for the ceremony and another for the meal and evening party. To set the perfect atmosphere they wanted our Married to the Music Singer/Guitarist to play after the ceremony, then also for the arrival drinks at venue 2. This was a lovely idea to keep a bit of continuity and feature some live music at their wedding reception, but we were concerned that the setup time would have been very short and maybe interrupt the flow of the day. We came up with two solutions to work round this: 

Married to the Music singer/guitarist is ready to perform live music at a wedding drinks reception

1) Keep the singer/guitarist for the reception drinks at venue 1 but have a different musician play the arrival drinks at venue 2 


2) Have our singer/Guitarist perform BEFORE the ceremony at venue 1 as their guests are arriving so that they still get that live music element

They chose option 1 in the end as the bride had mentioned wanting a saxophonist at some point too, so it fit perfectly! Which would you go for?

Another way we help to make booking wedding music easy for you with logistics is with timelines. If your venue has a lovely outdoor area and you’re having a summer wedding, your guests will most likely want to be outside until late so we often suggest a later first dance than usual. You could even have your first dance outdoors if the venue/weather allowed.

2 We liaise with your venue on the important stuff

We are called ‘Wedding Music PLANNERS’ for a reason. It’s so important to us that your day runs smoothly so we make sure all the performance areas of the venue are suitable for your musicians.

For instance, if you wanted your wedding musicians to perform the drinks reception or ceremony outdoors, we can do some checks to ensure this would work well, even if it rained.

We’ve many years of experience planning for rain in the UK. Check out the blog on ‘4 THINGS TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR OUTDOOR WEDDING DRINKS RECEPTION

We often liaise with your venue on timings too. Again, this ensures a smooth running of the day. We really like to have a fully timed schedule to hand, even if we’re only supplying you with evening music like a DJ, band or sax player

Finally, your venue will always ask for proof of ‘Portable Appliance Testing’ (PAT) and Public Liability Insurance (PLI) which we’re happy to send directly to them for all of your booked Married to the Music wedding musicians/band or DJ. 

3 We place multiple musicians into one easy contract and invoice 

We know weddings take a lot of planning e.g. flowers, photographer, invitations and all important payment deadlines, so we keep things simple and put all your music bookings into two documents - 1 contract and 1 invoice. We can get to this point by phone calls, emails or video calls - whatever’s easiest for you. 

So there you go- how to book wedding music easily. Married to the Music was basically founded upon our recognition of a gap in the market for EASY and GREAT wedding music booking. We have accumulated so much experience in the wedding industry and we want to help couples have great music at their weddings with minimum stress and maximum fun.

If you’re stressing about your wedding music drop us a DM, email or website enquiry and we will get you sorted!


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