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If you’re going to trust us with planning the music for your wedding then you’re naturally going to want to know a bit about who we are. To cut a long story short we are two musicians, we both play the sax and both have a driving passion for music, especially the live, fun kind. We are both also very modest so had to get one to write about the other!

CAT’S WORDS ON EMMA Emma is a driven, hard working and talented musician. She holds a degree in Jazz from Leeds College of Music and has an amazing sound on the sax but also plays the piano extremely well. She’s a composer too and loves to write and arrange music for different groups, including horn sections and her own band too.

Emma is really down to earth and friendly but will tell you if your idea isn’t very good. She’s direct and honest and this is why we get on and how a business like Married to the Music can function. In her career, she’s planned everything from surprise ‘Love Actually’ style church ceremonies (guitarist in the pulpit and all!), to a nervous groom performing a father/daughter dance with the evening band - logistics are her thing!


1). She loves the song ‘There are Worse Things I Could Do’ from Grease

2). Her favourite thing about weddings (after the music) is the possibility of mini fish and chips.

3). She co runs Married to the Music because she cares about making couples’ weddings sound incredible

We have pretty equal roles in Married to the Music but Emma is a genius and sorted the string quartet music for the video on the website. By sorted I mean she listened to the tracks, wrote out four string parts for them and even conducted the girls on the video. Clever lady.


Alright, I’m blushing now! Time to tell you about Cat I suppose. If you arrange a meeting with us, I’ll tell you the funnier stories but for now: Cat is an awesome saxophonist and studied Music at uni, but beyond that she’s an all round champion of a human. Married to the Music was born when we met on a lovely gig that involved a lot (read, a lot) of travelling. A lot of hours in a car, followed by a lot of hours in a van, followed by a lot of hours in meetings to work out how to bring the best wedding music planning service to you, and her honesty, kindness and genuine passion for great live music still takes me by surprise every time we chat.

Enough of the sop - Cat has got a wealth of

experience in performing and has played at so many awesome weddings and events both in the UK and internationally, that she’s the perfect person to help you work out what you want from your wedding music. She knows every dance floor anthem and knows how to get the most out of musicians (mostly by being lovely and feeding them brews!).


1) Her saxophone idol is Clarence Clemons (so much that I call her CC)

2) She wore a Barry White mask for the final ½ hour of her wedding party last year

3) She can be very easily won over with a pick n mix cup

So there you have it, just two normal people who want to help you get the best out of your wedding day by embellishing it with lovely music!

We’ll be at some wedding fairs near you soon so come and have a chat to us about pic n mix or mini fish and chips (and your wedding of course).


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