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Updated: Nov 30, 2023

1 We have a collective 23 years of experience in the wedding industry

We (Cat and Emma) are both experienced professional musicians who work with bands, DJs and as soloists. We know good wedding music and we know what it takes to organise it. We’ve lost count of the amount of weddings we have performed at but we can always remember the really good ones.

A tray of canapes at a wedding
Excellent Evening Wedding Food

These are the full dance floors, the grateful, fun loving couples and the AMAZING requests (or sometimes the ones with excellent evening food - see pic).

Our experience means we can foresee any potential problems before during and after you book your wedding music with us. We can adjust/suggest things as we go along to make sure your day runs smoothly. We will always be honest with you and your concerns or queries about your wedding music and the day in general.

real bride dancing to wedding music booked with MTTM
A proper good wedding party

2 We only book musicians we know and trust for your wedding

Having accumulated many contacts over the years, we know good wedding musicians when we hear and see them. There are SO many bands, soloists, quartets and DJs out there and it really is a minefield when it comes to getting your wedding music booked in. We fully appreciate that your wedding musician booking experience is very limited so we want to help you. We will give you limited (vetted) options of musicians who we know can do the job.

We also know how important personality is, especially when the acts might be with you all day. Our Married to the Music acts won’t let us down, will do a great job and will smile whilst doing it! In addition to this, we will never send a musician to your wedding who we haven‘t worked with before.

3 We LOVE great music

Both of us are BIG BIG music fans and like to think of ourselves as music experts with an eclectic musical taste. Emma is a proficient jazz saxophonist and has a love for chilled, vibey sounds- she also loves a ‘banger’ though. Cat is into her dance music and also soul, RnB and hip hop. We are both in our 30s and have a broad experience of britpop and the 00’s indie we all know and love! We can suggest as much or as little as you need to bring your wedding day to life with music.

Married to the Music watching a live music gig
Married to the Music enjoying some live music

If you like the sound of our ethics then drop us a line via any of the links below.

We can’t wait to hear from you about your favourite music.

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