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Engaged? Clueless? We’ve Got You

It’s no surprise that you’re feeling a bit clueless if you’re newly engaged - you’ve probably never planned a wedding before, but don’t worry we’ve got you. Not only do we offer some of the best bands, DJs and solo musicians for your wedding day, we also have loads of friendly advice to help with the smooth running of your big day. We also REALLY want your wedding music to sound like you.

Here are some do’s and dont's to help you get started with wedding music if you’re recently engaged.

A sax player claps whilst glancing at a DJ at a wedding party
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DO search local first

Largely but not solely for economical reasons, if you search locally then your quote could be cheaper. Travel and sometimes accommodation need to be factored in especially if the booking is a fair trek from the musicians’ home.

Using local folk will cut these costs down and make sure your hard-earned cash is going towards a great performance rather than a premier inn room. 

DON’T base your decision solely on price 

That said, one of my favourite mottos is ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. In the case of wedding entertainment you don’t get a second chance so don’t assume the cheaper option will be OK or that the most expensive option will be the best. Which brings us onto…

A couple dance to a DJ at their wedding
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DO research 

You HAVE TO research, communicate and decide who you trust to do a great job. You’ll rarely get to see/hear your wedding musician live due to their numerous wedding bookings and these being (rightly so) closed events, but you will get a great idea of their skills from promo videos and sometimes social media

DON’T rush

Friends and particularly family seem to enjoy scaring people in the lead up to weddings. ‘What, you haven’t booked your _____ yet? Oooh you’d better hurry’. If you’re set on one very specific detail like a certain performer/band for your wedding then absolutely enquire immediately after getting engaged, but rush decisions and you could be left with a booking you’re not totally happy with. 

A sax player dances and plays sax at a wedding in a sparkly top
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DO prioritise 

Once you’re engaged you will again have well-meaning friends and family asking which aspects of your wedding you’ve booked. Make a little list of the things you need at the wedding then things you want. You can then prioritise by budget on these lists. Remember, the top 2 things guests remember from a wedding; food & music. 

DON’T panic

There’s absolutely no need to panic. There’s so much help out there and here’s where we come in. If you book with Married to The Music you get us two to help out with coordinating all the music for your wedding day. You can choose as little or as much live music as you want/can afford/fit in and we’ll do the hard bits for you - see this blog on ‘How to Book Wedding Music Easily’ for information on how. 

Why not sign up to our mailing list and get a free handy wedding music planning tool to get you started.

A man plays piano at a wedding ceremony
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