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You may think it’s a little outdated and you’re not going to bother, that’s cool. You may want to do a traditional American ‘Dance with my father/mother’, also cool if that floats your boat. If you are having a first dance, or even two, you’re going to need an amazing song to do it to. This is where the trouble begins. The first dance: you’ve either got a song, you haven’t got a song or have loads of songs.

Some couples just know because they had a special moment 3 years ago in a club and it will stay with them forever. Some couples have to dig a little deeper and discuss which song best reflects their relationship, whilst still being danceable of course. At Married To The Music we reckon we’ve witnessed over 500 first dances. Some of the highlights we’ve experienced are:

- A stripped back version of Jess Glynn’s ‘My Love’ bursting into the dance version complete with lasers

- A gorgeous, understated acoustic live band version of ‘La Vie En Rose’

- A massive family Blues Brother’s dance to ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’

- Confetti cannons coordinated perfectly for the massive drop in Rudimental and John Newman’s ‘Feel the Love’

- A surprise sax player organised by the groom entering half way through the first dance to Alicia Keys ‘If I Ain’t Got You’

Some have been soppy, some fun, some completely out of time, some choreographed to the enth degree. So many couples we meet and work with get mega nervous about their first dance and when it comes to that part of the night. It’s important to remember that what made all these dances special was that they’ve all been unique to the couple so actually, you can’t go wrong. Stop worrying.


So how about choosing that all important song? Let’s say you don’t have ‘a song’. You’ll probably start by trawling through a Spotify playlist called ‘First Dance Songs’ etc. Not a bad place to start, but try a few other things too.

We think the best first dance songs have relevant lyrics or just great melodies. They don’t have to be soppy, lovey - dovey songs and in an effort not to offend anybody, we won’t mention the top 5 most common, boring and overplayed first dance songs…(but they are in that Spotify playlist).


Create a joint playlist between yourselves and gradually add songs you like. When it’s got a nice collection of about 20 songs on you can have a listen together over a bottle of wine. Maybe it’ll inspire you.

Think of what you want the first dance to say about you to your guests. It should reflect you as a couple. Are you mega loved up (course you are)? Is this a new thing? Are you best friends? Are you very fun? Are you a bit silly? Do you want to surprise people? Do you want to include a lift (yes we’ve seen a couple of these).

Have a quick rehearsal just to make sure you can actually dance to it in a comfortable way. It’s worth 4 minutes of your time dancing together in the kitchen to avoid the longest 4 minutes of your life ever.

The lyrics to your first dance song can be just as important as the music. There are some amazing songs with really inappropriate song lyrics for a first dance such as ‘Easy Lover’, or that Roxette one, ‘It Must’ve Been Love’. If you’re dead set on a song, you could get the band to play it without the lyrics or as a chilled acoustic cover. We’ve seen it before and it works well.

The old ‘join us on the dancefloor stunt’ is not a bad shout if you’re a bit nervous or you want to get the party going a bit. Just give the signal to the bridesmaids or mates and if they’re good friends they’ll be there in a flash to lead the way for everyone else.


A little gift for you in the shape of a nice playlist. Whether you use one of these or use it as inspiration to find another song, that’s cool, enjoy:

We would also love to tell you about some of the horrors we’ve seen but you’ll have to take us to the pub (when social distancing has eased) for those diamonds!




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